Беседки «Комфорт»


These summerhouses are equipped with soft furniture, fans, lighting, and loudspeakers. The spaciousness of the summerhouses: small ones – up to 8 people, big ones – up to 12 people. Time of work: from 9 am till 10 pm. Sunloungers and matrasses are not included in rent price. It’s prohibited to smoke in the summerhouses.

Guests can book summerhouses at administrator (contact number – 050 3353767). Preliminary payment must be made within 24 hours’ time since the moment of oral or facsimile booking. After making a preliminary payment booking is confirmed. In case of the absence of preliminary payment, at the expiration of 24 hours, the summerhouse goes on free sale. Booking is kept till 12 pm of the present day, after this time the summerhouse goes on free sale. A number of summerhouses – 8.