Канатный парк

This unique and the only in Poltava region Rope Park was created by a team of professionals. The Rope town includes 2 routes “Cheerful” (can be suitable for women and children) and “Extreme” (route of increased complexity, which demands special physical fit and preparation). The park also includes rock-climbing wall. Guests have 3 variants of getting over this apparatus: usual descending with safety equipment, descending on 2-trolley wire and free-fall through the system of rope jumping. This rope project also offers giant swings, which are able to give a ride to 3 bravehearts. Route “Complex” includes routes “Familial” and “Extreme” and gives an opportunity to save money. Route “Corporate” provides usage of all rides by the group of 30 and more people.


  • Route “Cheerful” (1 person)   80 UAH
  • Route “Extreme” (1 person) 100 UAH
  • Route “Complex” (1 person) 130 UAH
  • Route “Corporate” (1 person) 90 UAH
  • Rock-climbing wall – Zip 50 UAH
  • Rock-climbing wall – Rope 40 UAH
  • Instructor support   50 UAH
  • Swings (3 people) 90 UAH